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Safety Program

Safety Program Tests

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Safety Program Handbook

The Safety Program Handbook in English (published by the Transitional Council of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario) is the only handbook you are allowed to bring to the test.


Please click here to access the Safety Program Handbook.


If you would like to obtain a hard copy of the Safety Program handbook, please complete and return the Safety Program Handbook Order Form along with the payment

Safety Program Test Accomodation for Grandparented Class Applicants who failed the Safety test due to a lack of understanding of English:

The purpose of the Safety Program is to prepare practitioners in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to practise according to expected safety standards, procedures and processes when offering TCM services to patients, and ensure registered members engage in safe practices, and continue to maintain and upgrade their competencies in safe practices.

According to the Registration Regulation, Grandparented applicants who are unable to speak, write and read English with reasonable fluency may be allowed to practice the profession with a written language plan approved by the Registration Committee to ensure quality care for patients. Considering this, the Council at its 1st meeting held on May 6, 2013 approved an accommodation plan for Grandparented registration applicants who may have failed Safety Test due to a lack of English language fluency. The requirements and process for accommodation are set out below.

Eligibility for Special Accommodation to Complete the Safety program

Applicants for Grandparented registration may apply for special accommodation to complete the Safety Program on condition that they also meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant had submitted to the College his/her registration application with a written language plan and had clearly declared on the registration application that he/she cannot speak, read or write English or French;
  • The applicant had failed the Safety test because of a lack of understanding of English;
  • The applicant consents to the accommodation plan designed specifically to address his/her situation; and
  • The applicant does not wish to re-sit the Safety test in English.

Accommodation Plan

In general, the accommodation plan will allow the applicant to work together with his/her interpreter (who is named in the registration application language plan) to complete the Safety Program. It will be a labour-intensive endeavour and will be administered by a panel of registered members selected by the Registration Committee of the College.

To be accepted, an applicant must meet the eligibility requirements set out above and submit to the Registrar the application for accommodation with a cheque for $226.00 ($200 + HST) made payable to CTCMPAO.

On acceptance, the applicant will be provided a set of questions based on the Safety Program. He/she will have to submit in writing, within a defined period, answers to the questions to demonstrate his/her understanding of the content of the Safety Program Handbook and explain how he/she apply safety measures in his/her day to day practice.

Approved by Council: May 6, 2013


Safety Program Accomodation Plan and Application Form- For Grandparented Class Applicants.


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