2022 Pan-Canadian Examinations Update

October 2021

Increase to Pan-Canadian Examination Fees

The College has been advised by the Canadian Alliance of Regulatory Bodies of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists (CARB-TCMPA) that a 4% fee increase will apply to the Pan-Canadian Examinations for TCM and Acupuncture (PCE) effective October 2022. This increase follows an in-depth review and analysis of CARB-TCMPA’s budget, available resources, and exam development activities.

October 2022 Exam Fees
Item Increase Fee
Acupuncturists $915.00
TCM Practitioners $1,258.00

CARB-TCMPA has always calculated PCE fees on the basis of recovering their costs only. As a not-for-profit organization, exam fees are not and have never been viewed by CARB-TCMPA as an opportunity to generate a profit. The fees cover the development and administration of the exams as well as the operations of the organization to support the ongoing sustainability of the exam program. An annual increase of exam fees also takes into account inflation and other market factors.

The College collects the examination fees on behalf of CARB-TCMPA, and CARB-TCMPA handles the administration of the PCE. The College has always appreciated that PCE fees are kept as low as possible in order to not create a financial barrier for candidates and to ensure that the exams continue to be available in Ontario. The PCE fees continue to be one of the lowest credentialing exam rates in Canada.

April 2022 Pan-Canadian Examinations

Due to the ongoing pandemic conditions, CARB-TCMPA will continue to deliver the PCE using an online proctored format until further notice. This will allow candidates to complete the exam remotely. Online proctoring is the only option available to candidates unless an accommodation request has been made and submitted with the appropriate supporting documentation. The supporting documentation must satisfy CARB-TCMPA’s Appeals and Accommodations Committee that such an accommodation is needed to maintain fairness in the examination process and fair access to the profession.

Candidates are encouraged to read the PCE Candidate Handbook and visit the CARB-TCMPA site for additional information, available here: https://carb-tcmpa.org/pce.