Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Throughout 2022, the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario held sessions with Council to update its strategic plan. The new, five-year, Strategic Plan was approved by Council on March 22, 2023.

The overarching aim of the strategic plan is to establish strategic priorities and key activities over the next five years.

The 2023-2028 strategic plan establishes a vision for the College as “Full public confidence in the safe and effective practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

The College will look to achieve its vision by carrying out our mandate of “Protecting the public through a transparent and effective regulatory environment while guiding the Traditional Chinese Medicine profession.”

The College established four strategic directions that will guide College activities over the next five years, and help the College deliver on its mandate.

Strategic Directions

We will ensure we are clear, consistent, and transparent in our approach to regulation of the profession. We will have a process for identifying, communicating, managing and measuring risks and continuously improve this process. We will target activities to prevent the greatest risks and harms to the public. We will maintain an appropriate level of agility in our measured approach to regulation and be accountable for the decisions we make. We will work with our Government partners to ensure alignment with legislative requirements.

We will continue to establish a culture of objective decision-making and quality assurance in how we operate. We will ensure we appropriately understand and monitor the educational needs of our members, the public and college staff working to identify educational and/or professional development needs and opportunities. We will improve and monitor compliance to standards of practice and guidelines to set professional expectations. We will continue to improve our Quality Assurance Program to create alignment and understanding amongst stakeholders.

We will create a culture in which members understand expectations and provide the highest level of care. We will define and articulate the value-proposition of the College and the benefits provided to the public, government, and practice. We will lead and support diverse and inclusive public communication and engagement efforts that build confidence and trust in the profession. We will formalize input and involvement of the public and the profession incorporating this into decision-making processes. We will collaborate with system partners who will further our vision and mandate and learn from best practices.

We will ensure transparency in our governance activities and governance structure. We will identify and implement best practices in regulatory governance. We will establish required committees and recruit for participation based on diversity, equity, inclusion considerations as well as expertise and competency.