The CTCMPAO has developed guidelines to assist members and applicants to better understand their responsibilities and the standards of the College.

This guideline informs members on the acceptable methods to advertise their practice and profession. It will also support members in complying with the Standard of Practice (7): Advertising. To access the guideline, click here.

The education equivalency guideline explains in detail the traditional Chinese medicine education requirement and the supervised clinical experience requirement as set in the Registration Regulation. To access the guideline, click here.

The professional development guideline is used to assist members to understand what professional development activities are considered acceptable by the CTCMPAO. To access the guideline, click here.

The Registration Committee has developed guidelines to help members and applicants understand how they can meet the currency requirements by completing a refresher program.

Refresher Program Guideline for Members
Refresher Program Guideline for Applicants

The Record Keeping Guideline explain each of the records required in practice. Templates of these records can be accessed at: Patient Health Summary, Initial Assessment and Treatment Record, Follow up Treatment Record, Consent to Collect, Use, and Disclose Personal Health Information Form, Consent to Treatment Form, Consent to Treatment Form (Sensitive Areas) and Equipment and Supply Records.

This record-keeping webinar was held on March 26, 2021. Answers to frequently asked questions from the webinar can be found here.

The suspended member guideline describes what activities a member whose certificate of registration has been suspended may and may not undertake. To access the guideline, click here.