Pan-Canadian Examinations

The Pan-Canadian Examinations assess occupational competencies of entry-level TCM professionals that are required for safe, competent, and ethical practice ( Candidate Handbook ). Successful completion of the Pan-Canadian Examinations is one of the requirements for registration in the General class of registration. The Pan-Canadian Examinations are administered by the Canadian Alliance of Regulatory Bodies of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists (CARB-TCMPA).

For detailed information about the Pan-Canadian Examinations and the required documentation, please click on the applicable examination tab below.

October 2021 Examinations Schedule

The examinations are offered twice a year, in April and October. The following schedule applies to the October 2021 Pan-Canadian Examinations.

Application Deadline July 15, 2021 (5:00 p.m. EST)
Date* of Practitioners Examination October 6 and 7, 2021
Deadline* for Withdrawal of Applications (Practitioners Examination) September 13, 2021
Date* of Acupuncturists Examination October 27 and 28, 2021
Deadline* for Withdrawal of Applications (Acupuncturists Examination) October 4, 2021

*The examination dates are subject to change and will be confirmed before the examinations’ application deadline.

October 2021 Examinations Fees

Acupuncturist Examinations Fees
Examinations Application Fee* $300.00
Pan-Canadian Examination Fee $880.00
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Examinations Fees
Examinations Application Fee* $300.00
Pan-Canadian Examination Fee $1210.00

* Examinations application fees are non-refundable.

October 2021 Examinations Application

To register for the examination, you will first need to complete an online examinations application form. To setup an account on the College’s Portal, click “Click here to Register” on the Sign In section of the College website, then complete and submit the Portal Access Registration Form. Within two business days you will receive an email with an invitation code and instructions on how to redeem the invitation code.

Once you have access to the Portal you can begin your examination application. All application forms can be found by clicking “My Applications” on the registration dropdown menu. From there, you will click on “Pan-Canadian Examinations” and then choose either the R. Ac or R. TCMP application.

Note for Graduates of Programs Outside of Canada

All internationally educated graduates must submit a credential evaluation and authentication report with a course-by-course evaluation from the World Education Services (WES). Applicants are responsible for paying the WES evaluation fee to WES directly. For more information regarding the documents needed to submit to WES, please visit the Required Documents section of the WES website. To apply for the credential evaluation, please visit the WES website.

October 2021 Examination Resources