Election of Council

Council is the main governing and decision-making body of the College. The Council is comprised of no more than 17 members; nine professional members elected by members in the five districts, and a minimum of five and no more than eight public members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

Your participation, either by running as a candidate or casting a vote, will give you an opportunity to make an impact on the regulation of the traditional Chinese medicine profession in Ontario.

Nomination for District 3

For the year 2021, three Council positions are available for members practicing in District 3 – Central, which is comprised of the city of Toronto and the regional municipality of York.

Term of Office

The term of office of a Member elected to Council is approximately three years, commencing with the first regular meeting of Council immediately following the election.

Please note that if Council remains unconstituted after the results of the elections have been confirmed, newly elected Council members will begin their term at the next regular Council meeting. Until then, the Council member who currently holds that seat will continue their term.

A Member who has served on Council for nine consecutive years is ineligible for election to Council until a full three-year term has passed since that Member last served on Council.

District Election Year
1 & 2 2023    2026
3 2021    2024
4 & 5 2022    2025