Annual Renewal

Every member holding a General, Student or Inactive certificate of registration must renew their registration with the College by April 1. Members are required to:

  • pay an annual renewal fee; and
  • complete all sections of the online renewal regarding the member's employment, conduct, and education, unless otherwise indicated.

Renewals must be submitted online through the Portal. Both the fee payment and the completed renewal must be received by the College by 11:59 p.m. ET on April 1, 2019.

Renewals received incomplete or after the deadline aresubject to a late penalty fee. A certificate of registration that is not renewed may be suspended for non-payment of fees. Individuals holding a suspended certificate of registration are not members of the College, and therefore, are not legally entitled to practisetraditional Chinese medicine in Ontario.

Members requesting a change in status (i.e. reinstatement, transfer to or from the Inactive Class, or resignation) must notify the College. Visit the Change in Class and Status page for more information.