Get Involved with the College

We encourage all traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists in Ontario to get involved with the College, and the self-regulation of the profession. The College recognizes that our professional members’ perspective and expertise are invaluable and necessary in fulfilling our mandate of regulating the profession in the public interest.

Consider getting involved—these are excellent opportunities for professional members to help contribute to the regulation of the TCM profession in Ontario, and to protect the public.

Peer and Practice Assessors are professional members of the College that conduct peer and practice assessments assigned to them by the College. Their duties include visiting members premises to review how members of the profession actually perform in their practice to ensure their compliance with CTCMPAO’s regulations, standards of practice, policies and guidelines.

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As an Exam Item Writer, you will write, review and revise items for the written and clinical case study portions of the Pan-Canadian Examination. Item writers will develop valid and reliable items to ensure that each item is properly classified. There will also be a one-time item mapping session for the written and clinical case study examinations to ensure that new items adequately support the revised examination blueprints.

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The College Council is comprised of professional and public members. Professional members are members of the profession, and are elected every three years from each electoral district when an election is held. Consider running for College Council and having a seat at the table when College policies are set. You can help protect the public by contributing your knowledge and experience to the regulation of the TCM profession in Ontario.

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