Student Class

Registering in the Student Class allows students to stay engaged with the College and helps them prepare for registration as a General Class member. It will also allow Students to continue supervised practise of the profession after they have completed their formal education program. Moreover, the Student Class helps the College to ensure students follow structured and properly supervised clinical training.

Please follow the steps below for a certificate of registration in the Student Class.

You must meet one of the following requirements to be eligible for the Student Class of registration:

  1. Currently enrolled in a full-time post-secondary traditional Chinese medicine program;
  2. Currently enrolled in a program of clinical experience in the profession that is structured, comprehensive, supervised and evaluated, and which consists of at least 45 weeks of clinical experience involving at least 500 hours of direct patient contact;
  3. Has applied to take the Registration Examinations, but has not yet attempted the examinations.

Please complete the Student Class Application Form and attach all required documentations as follows:

  1. Application fee of $50.00; non-refundable 
  2. Copy of your identification 
  3. Passport-size photo taken within the 12 months before the date of submitting your application
  4. Name change documentation, if applicable
  5. Original Criminal Record Check report using the CPIC database, issued within 6 months of submitting your application
  6. Confirmation of Education Standing 
  7. Professional Liability Insurance coverage
  8. Supervisor Acknowledgement and Undertaking Agreement

Please ensure you have met all other requirements as set in the Guide for the Student Class of Registration.

Send your completed application and all supporting documents by email to registration@ctcmpao.on.ca

You are required to submit the following either with your initial application package or within 30 days of your registration in the Student Class is approved:

  1. Proof of insurance coverage in the form of a Certificate of Insurance
    You must be covered for professional liability insurance in one of the following ways:

    • The Student Class member purchases their own professional liability coverage;
    • The Student Class member is covered by their supervisor’s professional liability insurance coverage;
    • The Student class member is covered by their school’s professional liability insurance coverage.

    Please ensure your coverage meets all requirements as set in the Professional Liability Insurance Policy.

  2. Supervisor acknowledgement and undertaking agreement
    You must provide the name and registration number of your proposed clinic supervisor. The supervisor is required to complete the Supervisor Acknowledgement and Undertaking Agreement.

You must submit a pro-rated Registration fee of $200.00 when your registration is approved by the College.