General (Labour Mobility)

If an applicant is registered in another Canadian province as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and/or Acupuncturist in an Active/Practising Class, they may apply for registration in the General Class of the College through Labour Mobility. Applicants will only be able to apply for the titles and designations which they currently hold in another province.

To be eligible for the General Class through Labour Mobility applicants must meet the requirements listed below.


Currently, the only Canadian Provinces that regulate traditional Chinese medicine/Acupuncture are British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland. Applicants who are applying through Labour Mobility in Ontario must be registered in one of the four other provinces listed to be eligible.

Applicants must provide a letter of good standing from the Canadian TCMPA regulatory authority of every jurisdiction where they currently hold a General certificate of registration with a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and/or Acupuncturist title. This letter must establish, to the satisfaction of the CTCMPAO that you are in good standing as an active/practising member. >

An applicant for registration must be able to speak, read and write either English or French with reasonable fluency. CTCMPAO will consider that an applicant has attained the language fluency requirement if he/she can successfully complete the registration application form, the Jurisprudence Course and be able to understand communications coming from CTCMPAO.

CTCMPAO expects members to have the ability to communicate with CTCMPAO, patients and other health professionals in English or French to the extent that he/she:

  • Understands the information;
  • Is able to give advice to patients and patients understand the advice;
  • Can obtain patient consent;
  • Can discuss treatment plan with patients;
  • Is able to document and maintain patient records;
  • Is able to respond to inquiries from patients or about patients from another healthcare professional;
  • Is able to comprehend and understand patient records sent by other healthcare professionals; and
  • Is able to provide speedy and accurate information about a patient during an emergency.

In addition, it is important for members to be able to communicate and work collaboratively with regulated healthcare professionals, hospitals, long-term care homes, emergency responders and other stakeholders in Ontario’s healthcare system.


Applicants are required to submit a passport-size and quality photograph taken within 12 months of submitting their application. The photograph is requested for wallet-sized ID purposes. When a member of CTCMPAO resigns from the CTCMPAO, his/her photo will be destroyed unless the photo is required for regulatory purposes.

CTCMPAO's Photo Destruction Policy


Only members of CTCMPAO shall use the title(s) “Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner” and/or “Acupuncturist”.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners can use the designation of R. TCMPs and are authorized to practise traditional Chinese medicine, providing to patients a combination of therapies including TCM herbal medicine and acupuncture within the scope of TCM practice; they are also entitled to use the title of Acupuncturist and the designation of R. Ac.
  • Acupuncturists can use the designation of R. Ac and are authorized to practise traditional Chinese medicine using acupuncture, including tuina, cupping and moxibustion, etc., excluding TCM herbal medicine.

An applicant will apply for the title and designation which they hold in another Canadian province.

Date of Birth

Applicants must provide their date of birth. This information is necessary to verify identities for registration purposes with CTCMPAO.

Proof of Name Change

An applicant’s name used in practice and the name on CTCMPAO’s public register must be the same. If your current name is different from the name on your birth certificate, citizenship card, passport, record of landing or permanent residency card, you must provide evidence of name change. This may include a notarized copy of one of the following:

  • Marriage Certificate or Record of Marriage
  • Name Change Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Validation of identity signed by a lawyer

Criminal Record Check

Applicants are required to submit a criminal background check report using the database of the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) operated by the RCMP with their application form.

For registration purposes, CTCMPAO only requires a name-based criminal background check report. The search must have been conducted no more than six (6) months before the date of application, including records of discharges which have not been removed from the CPIC system in accordance with the Criminal Records Act and records of outstanding criminal charges of which the police are aware.

CTCMPAO’s Criminal Background Check Policy