Language Fluency Policy Update

On December 8, 2022, the Council of the College approved an update to the Language Fluency Policy. The update expands on how applicants to the College can demonstrate the “reasonable fluency” registration requirement. Language fluency in English or French is an exemptible requirement for this College, which means that the Registration Committee can still register an applicant who cannot meet this requirement. The Language Fluency Policy explains to applicants how this requirement can be fulfilled without needing an exemption.

The update describes how applicants can submit an approved language proficiency test result to demonstrate that they meet the fluency requirement. The approved tests are those that are already accepted by the Federal Government for immigration purposes. Note that submitting an approved language proficiency test result is not mandatory to demonstrate that the requirement has been met. But it is another route that is being made available to applicants and will hopefully reduce the costs and time that applicants need to spend when applying to the College.

The College is committed to conducting public consultation on the Language Fluency Policy and will welcome feedback from all stakeholders.

The update has been made to comply with Ontario Regulation 508/22 (Registration Requirement Regulation).