FOTCMA, Li, Yuan, et al. V. CTCMPAO, et al.

On March 31, 2015, the Honourable Mr. Justice Glustein struck the Statement of Claim of the Federation of Ontario Traditional Chinese Medicine Association and the other Plaintiffs in an action commenced against the College and the Minister of Health and Long Term Care, without leave to amend.

Justice Glustein dismissed the action against the College and the Minister and held that the Plaintiffs’ claims had been adjudicated previously by the Divisional Court and the Honourable Mr. Justice Mew. Justice Glustein also held that the action was an abuse of process as the Plaintiffs were attempting to re-litigate issues, including the constitutionality of the Registration Requirement, which had been resolved previously by other courts.

The Court awarded $18,707.15 in costs to the College payable by the Plaintiffs, as the College was fully successful on the issues raised.

A copy of the Endorsement can be accessed here.