Announcement of the Doctor Class

The College is pleased to announce that on December 30, 2016, subsection 18 (1) of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Act, 2006 was proclaimed to permit TCM practitioners in Ontario to use the title “Doctor” when the Registration Regulation is amended to include a doctor class. However, until the amendments have been passed, members of the College are not permitted to use the doctor title.


This is a significant milestone towards ensuring that patients will have access to safe and higher quality of TCM health care from qualified practitioners that meet an experienced level of competencies and standards. The College and the Doctor Title Working Group are presently preparing plans to define the necessary requirements for entry into a Dr. TCM class and amend the Registration Regulation. The College appreciates the work of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) with facilitating the proclamation of the provision and looks forward to working closely with them in the future.


In collaboration with various stakeholders, including MOHLTC, the public, TCM Associations, TCM schools, members and other health professions, there will be extensive consultations to define the requirements and amend the Registration Regulation. The College will provide updates on the progress of the doctor class at Council meetings and through communications on the website, newsletters and annual reports as the project progresses.


The members of the Doctor Title Working Group include:


Ferne Woolcott


Terry Wai Tin Hui

Vice President

Ming C. Cha

Professional Member

Christine Lang

Professional Member

Martial Moreau

Public Member

Henry Maeots

Public Member

Joanne Pritchard-Sobhani

Non-Council Professional Member


Please click on the following link to access the working group’s Terms of Reference.