Consultation - Proposed By-Law Amendments

Over the past five years, we’ve received feedback from the membership about College fees. We understand your concerns and we appreciate the overhead costs for you as a practitioner. We know that you work hard to build and maintain your practice in order to provide care for your patients.

As a health regulatory body, our mandate is to protect the public. Our interests are similar; it’s for the well-being of patients.

Our intentions are not to put a financial strain on you as a practitioner; however, we want to ensure that we are sustainable and able to continue our work. In addition to our daily work, we’ve planned some important objectives and initiatives in our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan and we intend to develop and implement them successfully.

The College is sending out a consultation for the amendments to the College By-Laws. The purpose of this memo is to address the proposed changes to the fee schedule.

We have done our research, compared with other health care regulators in Ontario and have reviewed our current fees. We are proposing changes to the fee schedule and I want to highlight some of the important elements. Click here to continue reading the letter from the Registrar.

Please also review the By-Laws with proposed amendments, and the proposed amendments with rationales in chart form

Prior to finalizing these changes, Council will carefully consider all comments and suggestions from our stakeholders, keeping in mind the College’s mandate is to protect the public interest.

Your feedback is requested by Friday, November 30, 2018. Comments may be submitted by completing the online survey, by e-mail or mail:

Email: consultation@ctcmpao.on.ca
If submitting by email, please clearly indicate whether your comments are on behalf of yourself or an organization. 

Mail:  CTCMPAO – Consultation

          55 Commerce Valley Drive West, Suite 705
          Thornhill, ON L3T 7V9