Ministry of Health Memo Re: Aconitine Poisoning

Dear Member,

The College received a memo from the Chief Medical Officer of Health re Aconitine poisoning that occurred at a food establishment on September 2, 2022.  The College is posting the memo to ensure that the public, and College members, are aware of this issue. 

There is no information indicating that College members were involved in this unfortunate event. However, the College is committed to sharing any information that could impact the safety of TCM patients. The Chief Medical Officer of Health has identified Aconite as being used in TCM (when processed appropriately), but has asked that the attached memo be shared with all health care providers.

Aconite is a plant also known as monkshood, wolf’s bane and aconitum. Although the dispensing of the Chinese herbal medicine is in the public domain, it can also be prescribed by TCM Practitioners (note that TCM herbs is not withing the scope of practice for Acupuncturists). The College expects a high level of safety is maintained when members are prescribing and dispensing herbs such as Aconite. For more information, please review our Safety Program Handbook.

The College reminds the public to visit the College public register to ensure that their TCM practitioner is registered with the College. The College public register provides helpful information to ensure that the public is properly informed of its TCM treatments providers and what to expect during a typical TCM visit.