Novel Coronavirus Advisory

Dear Members,

At the request of the Ministry of Health we are forwarding the attached letter to you regarding the Novel Coronavirus outbreak in China. Please read this letter and case definition to help guide your infection control procedures during this time.

The risk to Ontarians remains low; however, members must be prepared to increase their infection control procedures should the virus arrive in Ontario.  

Public Health Ontario recommends that patients who have symptoms of an acute respiratory illness should be asked to perform hand hygiene and wear a mask, practice respiratory etiquette, and either wait in a separate room or keep at least two (2) meters away from other patients.

Members must be aware in the event that the virus arrives in Ontario. Please regularly check the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website for the current situation.

For more information on infection control procedures, please review the College’s Safety Program Handbook. The College will provide information from the Ministry as it becomes available.