Policy on Delegation has been Revoked

On July 6, 2015 the Council of the College revoked the Policy on Delegation.

Members are reminded that delegation of a controlled act under the Regulated Health Professions Act, S.O. 1991, c.18 can only be performed in accordance with the following provisions of the Professional Misconduct Regulation (O. Reg 318/12):

  • 11. Delegating a controlled act to a delegatee unless the member appropriately supervises him or her, the delegation is appropriate in all of the circumstances and the member takes reasonable measures to ensure that the delegatee has the knowledge, skills and judgment to perform the procedure.
  • 12. Where the member has delegated a controlled act, failing to document in the member’s own records, at or before the time of delegating the controlled act, information about the delegatee’s knowledge, skill and judgment concerning the performance of the delegated act.
  • 13. Failing to document the delegation of a controlled act in the patient’s health record at the time of the delegation or within a reasonable time thereafter, with the following information:
    • The date.
    • The name of the delegatee.
    • The controlled act that was delegated.
    • The conditions, if any, relating to the delegation.

Any breach of these provisions will be investigated and prosecuted by the College. Members are also reminded that pursuant to Section 1(15) of the Professional Misconduct Regulation, it is professional misconduct to permit, counsel or assist a person who is not a member to represent himself or herself as a member or to perform a controlled act that the person is not authorized to perform under a health profession act.

Only a member of the College is authorized to perform the controlled acts assigned to members of the College in accordance with the Traditional Chinese Medicine Act, 2006, S. O. 2006, c. 27.

The College continues to review and monitor this issue and may implement a new policy in the future.


Cristina De Caprio
Registrar & CEO

Please follow the link to download the Delegation Policy.