Reduction of Renewal Fees for 2021-2022 Coming

Over the past few months, the College has heard about the struggles many members have been facing, and how a reduction of fees is a needed relief. Although we won’t be able to provide more details until after the current 2020-2021 renewal is complete, we are committing to a reduction in fees for the 2021-2022 renewal period. Our hope is that this reduction will be meaningful and reflect the amount of time that many members have had to reduce or stop their practice due to COVID-19.

As many members are aware, the 2020-2021 renewal deadline has been extended until June 1, 2020. After this deadline, the College will be in a position to more readily assess its financial situation, and commit to a reduction that addresses members’ concerns, while still allowing us to fulfill the mandate we are legally obligated to carry out. As such, final details of the reduced renewal fee may not be announced until sometime this summer. We understand that the amount of the reduction is the key piece of information that many of you will be waiting for, but we ask for your continued patience as we must ensure this decision is responsibly and carefully made.

Many members have also raised questions about when they will be able to return to practice as normal. The College has not been given a specific date as of yet, but the Ministry of Health is preparing a plan to ease restrictions and in-person services may fully resume. In anticipation of this, the College is developing a return to practice guideline to assist members to practice safely. Please keep on the look out for more information on this, as we will inform members of any updates as soon as one becomes available.

We would like to thank members for their continuous feedback and suggestions as we continue to evaluate our response during this difficult time. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.