Notice to Members and Applicants

The College has become aware that certain institutions are advertising and offering courses and licenses for a large sum of money. These institutions are offering an academic class for those wishing to apply for Student class license and to pass the Pan-Canadian Examination for R. Ac or R. TCMP. Further, some institutions are offering courses to apply for the Doctor class. However, the Doctor Title Working Group is currently working on defining the requirements of the Doctor class. Until amendments of the Registration Regulation have been passed, members of the College cannot apply for the Doctor class, and therefore are not permitted to use the doctor title. Members and applicants are to be cautious of institutions that offer TCM courses and programs that claim to assist them with achieving a class of registration with the College.

The College is not affiliated with, and currently does not recognize any educational TCM programs and institutions. The College reminds all members and applicants that the CTCMPAO website has complete information regarding the application process, as well as the fees and timelines. If you have any questions, please contact the College at 416-238-7359 or registration@ctcmpao.on.ca for clarification.